System Integration

sys integration

Our systems are customized to your needs, helping you achieve long-term savings by minimizing the need for repairs and retrofits.


The best way to ensure a low-maintenance continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system is to design it well from the outset. With decades of CEM servicing experience and deep component knowledge, our team has the expertise to design, specify and select quality materials for turnkey solutions. We can design systems for regulatory compliance (operating permit/certificate of approval) or process control.


For any monitoring process, incorporating site and process details into the system design is critical. Off-the-shelf packages from other vendors often fail due to their incompatibility with harsh process conditions or site requirements. In some applications, the materials in contact with the gas sample stream must be carefully chosen for their chemically inert and high temperature capabilities. When a system is designed and built for the measurement location and process, it saves both time and money in the long run by avoiding constant repairs and retrofits.


As part of the design process, we prepare and submit technical drawings to you for review and approval. Documentation includes appropriate flow schematics, as well as electrical, piping and installation drawings. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, we provide in-progress testing, pre-delivery tests and inspections to ensure that the system delivered to you is compliant with all requirements.

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