Customized System Integration Options

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Why is integration like meeting a tailor?

There are a lot of options when buying a suit or a system / analyzer.

First, are the department stores. Lots of companies act like a big box store and can sell you an off the shelf analyzer. It will fit, if you’re the same size as the dummy.

Next, there’s the specialty stores. Some companies can take that analyzer and match it with other systems. Like matching a tie to a jacket.

Finally, there’s the tailors. The few that investigate the unique process chemistry and operating conditions to find the correct analyzer and systems and then modify them to perfectly fit together in that application. Sometimes they even if the proper analyzer even exists, then make a custom solution that’s right for your application.

A tailor can make off the rack fashionable as they know what pieces work together. They know where to let out or take in and they know when to start from the fabric.

CEMSI designed and built the predecessor to this analyzer a decade ago and are currently running testing on this new replacement unit with an upgraded sensors and custom HMI.

Integration can be just picking the best vest that matches the jacket. But sometimes, its measuring and making a suit that doesn’t just fit, it perfectly accentuates the customer.

Ask CEMSI what type of tailored analytics systems can optimize your process systems and simplify your environmental compliance.