How can CEMSI help you?

CEMSI Emissions Monitoring Canada

CEM Specialties Inc. (CEMSI) has been providing exceptional integration and service for process analyzers and continuous emission monitoring equipment to various cement, glass, steel, pharmaceutical and power plants in North America for over 30 years. Our reputation as a trusted partner is well-established, but our ability to serve you don’t end there.

At CEMSI, we are committed to keeping our customers informed, operational, and compliant with regulations. From training to custom engineered solutions, we strive to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our integration team has extensive knowledge of the equipment offered by top brands, including Födisch, ABB, ThermoFisher, Siemens, and Testa, and will work with you to determine the best fit for your needs and budget.

CEMSI routinely integrates different analyzer brands to build the right system, like when a recent customer needed to move to a CEM system that aligned with corporate purchasing but wanted a total hydrocarbon (THC) analyzer they had experience with. CEMSI integrated a new SICK THC analyzer to go with their new ABB ACF5000 system, while another had no brand preference and just wanted the most cost-effective solution, so CEMSI built an emission monitoring system that paired a Fodisch MCA10 with a Testa FID.

In addition to supplying and servicing analyzer equipment, CEMSI also offer training and resources to help our customers better understand the world of emission monitoring. Our expert service team offers on-site training sessions across North America, facility audits, and packaged training courses, such as “CEMS Foundations” and “Tactics for a Successful RATA”. These and other training options are developed out of decades of on-site experience explaining the regulations and physics to hardware and equipment.

CEMSI also host an annual emission monitoring conference where participants can expand their technical understanding of regulations and equipment, hear success stories, and connect with key industry contacts.

But did you know that CEMSI is also a process analyzer manufacturer? Our team of engineers and chemists are constantly developing new ideas and solutions to tackle even the most complex monitoring problems facing industry. Whether it’s monitoring mineral enrichment, land fill toxicity, or alternative fuel utilization and substitution, CEMSI has the expertise to solve some of the most complex problems facing industry.

Whether equipment and training, or a unique process solution, when there’s no room for error, trust the experts. Contact CEMSI today at [email protected].