Mobile Dust Measurement

The measuring of dust emissions can be carried out discontinuously or continuously depending on the requirements.


Periodic measurements are applicable only to a limited sampling for the determination of emissions behaviour on site. However, it has to allow conclusions about the continuous behaviour of the system and take into account possible seasonal variations of the measured air pollution.


The reasons for this may be diverse:

• acceptance tests (warranty certificate)

• measurements made to verify compliance with the emission limits

• control measurements for the determination of the system status or when complaints are made

• measurements to initiate an approval process (for example extensions, remodifying etc.)

• measurements in the context of self-monitoring, in case of malfunctions, in the context of safety inspections

• measurements of the emission declaration

• measurements for functional testing or calibration of continuous emissions measurement systems

• measurements to analyse the cause of a particular emission behaviour

• measurements to forecast the emission behaviour in certain operating states

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